Monday, July 30, 2012

Exotic Cooking Vacations, Rocking Chaise Lounge,and Gourmet Chocolates

Exotic Cooking Vacations

Cooking Vacations?! I recently noticed on  Bloomspot that they are featuring several cooking vacations. Three packages are posted ranging from Bangkok, Mexico, and Virginia wine country. They feature unique experiences in exotic locations with one-of-kind culinary instruction.

Personally I am most intrigued by the Thailand vacation. In addition to learning how to make 22 dishes, your will be introduced to the floating markets, tour temples and the grand palace, and stay in a swanky hotel room.

Mexican 7-day trip to Tlaxcala
Thailand 8-day culinary adventure with full immersion cooking classes
 What’s Cookin’ in Virginia Wine Country

$230 for Rocking Chaise Lounge Chair reg $600

As summer is half over, most of the out door furniture is moving to clearance pricing. Being a fan of clean lines (and who doesn't like rocking chairs!?), I wanted to share this little piece of the beach with you. 

$230 reg. $600 One-Of-A-Kind Curvy Rocking Chaise Lounge at 1-Sale-Day

$5 for $10 Maroon Bells Gourmet Chocolate, Ice-Cream, and Coffee

What's not to like? They have a smart collection of chocolates, truffles, 40 rotating flavors of ice cream,  and specialty coffee. If you would like to see the menu, check out 
Assorted Milk & Dark Truffles
$5 for $10 Maroon Bells Gourmet Chocolates

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