Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lose Twice as Much Weight - Fitness Trackers Keep you on Track

I'm a big fan of information. The more informed that I have, the better able I am to make informed decisions. The same is true for diet and exercise. In fact if you are trying to lose weight, tracking what you eat can double the amount of weight that you lose. Kaiser put on a 20 week study of both men and women; 1,600+ participants. The entire group was on a reduced calorie diet, however some people tracked what they ate while others did not. The surprise result of the study was that the people who tracked what they ate lost twice as much as those who didn't keep track of what they ate. Read more about this study here.

Successful programs such as Weight Watchers are founded on the principle of tracking. The good news is that you don't need to join a program with monthly membership dues to take full advantage of  the benefits of tracking. Personally I have journaled, tracked points, and worn a pedometer, but my favorite trackers thus far have been the app plus wearable tracker combo. The major players in this category are Fitbit, Jawbone UP, and Nike Fuel. I have not used Fitbit or Fuel, but I can speak to the Jawbone UP.

The Jawbone Up system is the tracker system that I have been using the past two years. It does a lot of things, but the short version is that it has the ability to track both calories expended through activity, calories eaten, and your sleep cycle. My favorite feature is that you can set it to vibrate if you have been idle for certain periods of time. Also you can give it a window for when you want to wake up. Then when you are in a lighter sleep cycle it vibrates to wake you up.

Why am I posting this on The Denver Deal? Because I use my UP every day and I paid around $130 for mine. Browsing the deals today, I came accross the exact version that I use and it's on sale through Groupon for $49.99 ...what! The next lowest cost I could find for this is at Best Buy for $65.

Groupon - Jawbone $49.99 - $69.99

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