Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Mayan Theater - Take in a Piece of Denver History and a Movie Too!

The Mayan Theater on South Broadway has been a Denver landmark for me as long as I can remember and it is probably one of the more sought out historical landmarks of the area.The timeless Mayan prince starring down on pedestrians, cars and even at one point, trolleys has seen a lot since 1930. The Mayan has been around 80+ years, but it's steadfastness wasn't always so secure as it is today. In 1984 the theatre had been declared a blight to the neighborhood and was slated to be torn down. Luckily a group called, 'Friends of the Mayan', petitioned to have the theatre saved and have it granted historical status. With close to 2 million in renovations the theater changed hands a few more times, eventually becoming part of the Landmark family of theaters. Which personally I am grateful for, due to The Landmark's carefully curated selection of films. The Mayan is one of a few theaters left in the country in the Art Deco Mayan Revival Style. The interior of the theater continues the theme.

The Mayan Theater only has three screens; one large one downstairs and two smaller theaters upstairs. The snack bar, in addition to popcorn and other movie snake fare, also has beer and wine that you can take into the theater. The programming at the Theater is almost exclusively independent and foreign titles. This is actually a great reason to visit, because you get to watch unique films in a one-of-a-kind theater.

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