Thursday, February 5, 2015

Best FREE SCFD Days this Weekend (2/6/15 - 2/7/15) - Denver Zoo, Four Mile Historic Park, and Denver Art Museum

Every so often, there comes a weekend where it seems like EVERYTHING is going on, plus the weather is going to be in the high 60s. The first weekend in February is shaping out to have a lot of great and entertaining things that you can do and many of which you would normally pay for. Here are my favorites:

 Denver Zoo - Free Days, Friday 2/6 and Saturday 2/7 

2300 Steele Street, Denver, CO 80205
(720) 337-1400 
Friday 2/6 and Saturday 2/7 10am - 5pm

Denver is blessed to have an amazing zoo. In fact I spent 5 years of my teenage life working at the zoo. Despite the many hours that I was there, I never really got tired of the zoo. Certain animals were just always entertaining - I'm talking to you elephants, monkeys, and any baby anything... anyway, I digress. This weekend it's going to be super nice, like 68 degrees nice and you can visit the Denver Zoo for FREE Friday and Saturday. Just be prepared for a crowd and get there early to secure a parking spot.  

Four Mile Historic Park - Free Friday 2/6

715 South Forest Street, Denver, CO 80246
(720) 865-0800
Friday 2/6 - 12:00 pm - 4:00pm - Tours: 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm

The Four Mile Historic Park features Denver's oldest standing structure - aptly named, the Four Mile House, built in 1859. Your FREE admission on Friday, will get you a guided tour of the House Museum, try out gold-panning, and get a peek into pioneer past. 

Denver Art Museum - Free Saturday 2/7

100 West 14th Avenue Parkway, Denver, CO 80204
(720) 865-5000
Saturday 2/7 - 10am - 5pm 

One of the current exhibits, Matisse and Friends actually ends 2/8, so if you haven't had an opportunity to visit it yet, this could be the perfect opportunity. The Denver Art Museum has an extensive collection of different periods and styles of art - Everything from European to Textile to Architecture. It would be pretty difficult to see all in one day, so I recommend planning on what you would like to see. Another exhibit that is getting a lot of attention is the Cartier exhibit, which is NOT included in the free admission, however if you do want to visit while you are there, I recommend purchasing tickets now. Many of the time slots for this exhibit are already sold out. 

File:Denver Art Museum 2.jpg

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