Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ja Ja Bistro - NEW OWNERS, How's the experience? Patio Brunch of Bloody Marys and Omelettes

Ja Ja is a french term for every day wine or house wine. If you are interested in enjoying your ja ja wine in a cottage/ patio atmosphere JaJa Bistro in Littleton might be the place for you. JaJa Bistro first showed up on my radar, while reading the positive reviews posted on A-List Denver. It wasn't at the top of the list, but there were enough good things said about it that my curiosity was piqued.

My review is based on a single visit this past weekend. I had tried to visit one prior time, but it was on a Sunday and the previous owners had JaJa closed on Sundays. From what I understand, the current owners purchased JaJa earlier this year (2015) and they are now open the full weekend.

The cute bungalow had a few tables inside and beautiful patio seating outside. For myself and my companion, we elected to sit outside for our visit to the partially full restaurant. The meal started with a bread basket of delicious flaky croissants and a drink order of a diet Coke and a Bloody Mary. We waited and waited... and waited. Service was SLOW... I'm not sure if the issue was that we were outside, they were short staffed, or if I just have a quicker expectation of how long drinks and food should take to be turned around. My bloody mary took 15-20 mins to get to the table and food came about 40 mins later. The flavor was great on the bloody and I liked the pickled pepper, but it should be noted that it is a relatively small bloody - looked to be around 8 oz.

The entree was served 45+ minutes after ordering (also note, the restaurant was not full). I ordered a ham and brie omelette which came with a side of bacon, baguette, and pan fried potatoes. Again the flavor was good and I enjoyed the omelette, but Denver has some pretty stiff competition when it comes to brunch. For the wait, it wasn't any better than many of the other omelettes that I have had in Denver. The omelette was comparatively small (see photo) and some of my potatoes were oxidized, which is probably fine to eat but didn't look too appetizing. 

I would possibly consider giving this restaurant a second chance since the flavor was good and I enjoyed the quiet outside table, but I really have a hard time with the amount of time that it took to turn out a pretty simple dish. To further compound the experience. The waitress, while friendly, didn't offer any explanation of the length of time, didn't offer more bread while we waited, and let our drinks run out without refilling (including the water). That being said, I can forgive many things, such as small portion sizes and oxidized potatoes, when exceptional service is provided. Obviously many people have liked this restaurant and maybe have different menu recommendations that would improve the overall experience. If you do have another opinion or suggestions for others visiting, please share in the comments below.   

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