Sunday, June 17, 2012

06/17/2012 - Brunch, Bootcamp, Mace Gun, and Art Blocks

$15 for $30 to use for Brunch at Madison Street  

Madison Street is a local neighborhood grill in the Congress park area. While this deal is only good for brunch, I think that is OK. Brunch is on Saturday and Sunday from 10-2. I love brunch in general; if you were to ask me what I favorite meal is, I would tell you it is brunch. The highlights that I see on the menu are the S'mores pancakes, cured wild salmon, and "The Sandwich." However what I am really interested in trying are the fried pickles (YUM!). Almost all the reviews that I read mentioned the pickles. 

$69 for Four Weeks of Unlimited Boot-Camp Sessions ($160 Value)

Alright, now that you have had brunch, it is time to work it off! Prior to this year,I had not tried boot camp classes before. Through the encouragement of my personal trainer, I tried out a class. To my surprise, not only could I do most of the exercises, but I had a ton of fun! If you have not taken a group fitness class you are missing out. When I work out in a class, I tend to push myself harder thus getting a better workout and I've made new friends who are pushing toward similar goals as me.    


$42 Hot Pink Defense! Mace gun regularly $55 

While I am not one for guns usually, I do recognize that sometimes it's a good idea to have a little protection. I am mostly attracted to this mace pepper gun because it is hot pink and shaped like a gun. This sweet action has a range of 20 feet and one canister has about 7 "shots."

 Mace Gun

$25.75 Art Blocks by Manuel Rebollo regularly $35 

Fashion and music inspired prints all but drip off these unique prints. The illustrative quality of the prints makes me think of images pulled straight from the sketchbook. 

Did I Dream

Art blocks at for $25.75

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