Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/27/12 - Free Zoo Day, American Apparel $25 for $50

Free Day at the Denver Zoo 11/28/12

I love the Denver Zoo. This statement might surprise some people that know me. My first job was working at the zoo. While many people may not have fond memories of their first jobs, the long hours that I worked were offset by walks by the pachyderms and lions, not to mention the great people that I met. I truly was saddened when I heard the Mimi the elephant passed away earlier this year. I remember walking by the elephant exhibit (pre-Toyota Passage), and when the elephants were outside, I truly believed that they would walk along side of me. 
Tomorrow the zoo is having its last Free Day of the year. The zoo is open from 10-5 for the "free" hours. The zoo lights........WHICH ARE AMAZING...... is extra, but I go every year and am never disappointed. 

Zoo Lights

$25 for $50 (or $50 for $100) Worth of American Apparel Clothing and Accessories Online or In-Store

Well..shoot.. that is a good deal .... Socially responsible, stylish, and comfortable. What else can I say? The deal is going for the next few days, but I would recommend buying sooner rather than later, so that you can start shopping! ALSO, cyber Monday has been extended, sooo anything that you would buy between now and midnight, would also be an additional 20% off. Say What?! Use checkout code Monday12 at checkout for the additional 20% off.

$25 for $50 (or $50 for $100) Worth of Clothing and Accessories Online or In-Store. Valid in the US Only.

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