Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Explore RiNo - Crisis Chocolate, Black Shirt Brewing Co, and ROLL- WIPEOUT! NEON BLACKLIGHT ROLLER SKATE PARTY 3/21/14

What To Do This Weekend 3/21 - Explore RiNo (more than art)

Crisis Chocolate Center

How about you start your weekend, by getting some chocolate therapy at Crisis Chocolate Center. You can get your fix either online 24/7 or stopping by their store. Since I am one who likes to get the inside scoop, I plan to stop by, not to mention the website mentions a free tasting! The only thing is that they are open M-F 9-5, so my plan is to swing by around 4ish on Friday (don't hate me retail employees). While the standard assortments, such as Triple Chocolate Truffle looks delish, the seasonal flavors (Cinni-Mint, Biscotti) look really tasty too! The Crisis Chocolate Center also features flavored nuts, espresso beans, and gift baskets for any crisis.
Chocolate Crisis Center, Inc.
3370 Walnut St. Denver, CO 80205
TOLL FREE 866-329-6950
Denver Local 303-296-0628
Major Chocolate Crisis First Aid Kit

Black Shirt Brewing Co

Well, since I decided to start with desert first, it's now time to find a bite to eat and to enjoy a locally crafted beer from the Black Shirt Brewing Company. While, they don't have a kitchen, they have food trucks scheduled Wednesday - Saturday. (schedule Here). This brewery features custom made glasses in their tap room designed to enhance the flavor of their beer. 


I haven't laced up a pair of roller skates since probably grade school, HOWEVER coming from the generation of "lock-ins" and roller blades at the local roller rink (Roller Express anyone??), I secretly get real excited when The Quad City DJs, randomly plays on Pandora. Friday 3/21 I get to pull on some roller skates for the Neon Black Light Roller Skate Party at the Exdo Event Center. Even better, comp tickets are available at several Denver locations. Go to for a list of places that have them. 

Roll - Wipeout! Neon Blacklight Skate

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