Friday, May 18, 2012

5/18/12 Deals

1. Yoga Rocks the Park: Two Tickets for $10

I love yoga and so does my back! Rodney Yee and I are like bffs. However, every now an then I feel like getting away from the DVD player. "Yoga Rocks the Park" takes place at rotating locations every Sunday starting at 9:30 am. Check out their Facebook page for the most current details

From the Denver Post 

2. $8 for 2 Ticks: Rocky Mountain Pet Expo AND Den.Green Expo 

This is usually a $32 value. I love my animals AND I like to be green when I can. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, so why not head out and see some furry friends at the National Western Complex? In fact, if you want, you can bring your pet! There will be a pet fashion show (yes, I do feel silly writing that), vets available for questions, and demonstrations. At the Green Expo, there will be informative stage presentations, vendors, and show-only specials.

My cat Fozzy is all about the Pet Expo! 

3. Two Sets of In-ear Headphones for $12

For what ever the reason, normal ear buds are not comfortable and fit poorly in my ears. I couple of years ago I discovered in-ear headphones. They sound better, partially by blocking out most external noises, and are more comfortable than regular buds, in my opinion. Also, when I go running they don't pop out of my ears. 

$12 for 2 Sets of Polaroid Pebble Stereo In-Ear Headphones, Including Shipping and Taxes from ($30 Value)

4. $49: Four Movie Tickets, Plus Two $50 Gift Cards

Now that is a crazy good deal! On top of that, most of the time has discount deals that your $50 gift cards can be applied to. Seriously, last time that Ryan and I went to the movies, after 3D up-charges, popcorn and Raisinetes, I am pretty sure that we spent at least $50... not even counting dinner. 

5. $7 Happy Socks 

Need I say more...  

-Fab - Happy Socks

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